Choral Arrangements

A choir arrangement can be created for your original melody in SATB and other techiques to be used in your music tracks.
These choral arrangements can be part of an already produced music track that will be used in your film or song.
Ranging from very powerful, epic choirs to soft, heavenly voices, these choral arrangements can turn your tracks into a different dimension.
They can be used also for accappella or along with other instruments.
The choral arrangements can be in the form of: produced music tracks or sheet music in PDF, or both.

How it works

– If you want to harmonize an original tune, You send a melody in any of these formats: audio file, midi file, PDF sheet music, YouTube link or you singing or playing the melody.
– If you want an arrangement for an existing tune, then you can send the original score in PDF, an audio file, midi file or YouTube link.
– Information on number of voices, type of arrangement and skill level of the musicians (if it is going to be sung live), will be requiered (brief).
– After the melody and brief are received, a quote is sent to you.
– After receiving the file or files, the melody is transcribed and harmonized using SATB (sopranos, altos, tenors, basses) or other technique.
РWhen finished, an audio proof will be sent to you for revision and screenshots of the score.
– A revision is always included in the price.

Check some choir tracks here: