Music Production Services

Music production services for any music genre, from Classical Music to Modern Music (Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk), the music tracks can be recorded using virtual instruments, real musicians or any combination of those.
These tracks can be used in any professional media such as films, TV, documentaries, YouTube channels, podcasts, theater, scape rooms or any media requiring high quality and original music.
This service includes mixing and mastering of the tracks delivered in any music format (wav., mp3, AIFF, etc.), also includes the delivering of stems (individual tracks of every instrument in the mix) and midi file for any further processing purpose the client would like to do in the future.
The music of the tracks can be completely original, or existing arrangements can be turned into music tracks too.

How it works

 – You send the melody to be produced as an audio file, midi file, PDF or any other format, it could be you singing the melody or playing it in any instrument. Also a YouTube link is accepted.
– It also can be that you want to produce a track similar to another one. In this case you just have to send the reference track.
–  The melody or reference track should be sent along with clear and detailed instructions: desired instrumentation, style and approximate duration.
– A revision is always included in the price.


– The price of the music track will depend upon the number of instruments used, the complexity of the piece and the duration in minutes.
Live elements are way more expensive than virtual instruments, take into account that recording every instrument live requiers hiring real musicians and a proper studio. On the other hand, with the use of top quality virtual instruments you can get a similar quality for 1/10th of the prize.

Listen to some virtual productions here: